B2B influencer marketing

Make an impact with authenticity

B2B influencer marketing is about partnership and collaboration that reaches relevant online communities, drives consideration and increases share of voice. 

We help to bridge the gap between brand and decision makers through customised influencer programs. Our mission is not only to demonstrate the power of b2b influencer marketing, but lead the way in its expansion.

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Our Core Services

We enjoy adapting our b2b influencer marketing strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

Influencer Matching

Our specialism means we've done the necessary ground work to understand the b2b influencer market, establish unique partnerships and streamline processes that save clients time and money.

Influencer Relations

We get the attention and responses from the thought leaders you most want to connect with in the digital marketing world and help finalise the terms of agreement.

Creative Concepts

Consultation on the influencer marketing use cases, social channels and formats that will drive results for your brand.

Campaign Management

A successful influencer marketing program means that activity is happening constantly, across digital marketing social platforms and mediums.

Measurement & Insight

Whether your goal is to maximise reach, boost engagement, change perceptions or outshine competitors we have the tools and expertise to make it happen.

Community Partnerships

By creating thoughtful partnerships with b2b communities online, we help brands to start new conversations and drive their mission forward.
Our Leadership Team

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style, providing a full-service b2b influencer marketing solution to our clients.

Influencer marketing through a B2B lens
Influencer marketing within a b2b setting is all about connecting b2b brands to online audiences via their community leader. These types of collaborations serve as gateways to educate and inspire specific industry decision makers on their sector knowledge,  company growth and career progression. 

Authentic Voices

Brand positioning via trusted, modern sources with a reputable authentic point of view.

Professional Networks

Qualified and engaged traffic, listens and views leveraged from industry groups and audiences.

Accurate Measurement

Cost-effective and ROI positive with platform-specific metrics for b2b that include engagements, reach, views, streams and downloads.

b2b influencer marketing

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