There are 6 influencer types in B2B

To ensure we create the best possible match for our clients we take it upon ourselves to fully understand the people in our network from both a personal and professional perspective. We have frequent calls and meetings to hear about what they are working on and how that overlaps with client briefings to make sure the authenticity and passion aligned to their specialist area comes through on every project.

By partnering with the right b2b influencers or subject matter expert, a brand can benefit in many ways. These include increased content engagement, vendor consideration, conversion rates and ROI.

The Visionaries

You have a unique and innovative perspective about the future of your industry.

The Experts

You have a deep and extensive knowledge and understanding of a specific subject or industry.

Academics and Analalysts

Academics and analysts are individuals who work in the field of research and analysis.

Champions of Diversity

Champions of diversity are individuals who actively advocate for and support diversity, equity and inclusion in their professional lives.

The big personalities

You have a strong and distinct personal brand and are known for your charisma, confidence or humour.

The creatives

You work in creative fields such as design, advertising, writing, photography, and the arts and are known for your innovative and imaginative approach to work.
B2B influencers
Partner with us

We believe that the key to successful b2b influencer marketing lies in finding the right partnership between brands and thought leaders. Do you fit in one or more of the archetypes described above? 

B2B influencer marketing is still a relatively new space, and we’re committed to find the right individuals who want to grow with the industry. After decades of experience in b2b, we know the approach needs to be distinct from consumer marketing, and we take pride in our ability to match b2b influencers with brands that align with their interests, values and audience. Get in touch if you would like tailored guidance and support in developing the space with us.

Business Community Partnerships

There’s strength (and influence) in numbers! If you are a leader or active member in a professional community or trade network with many voices of authority united under a common industry or purpose, we’d love to hear from you. 

Many online communities in the b2b industry are hard to find and engage with. By working with groups that are already connected, we can create partnerships that drive your mission forward and create new revenue streams.

b2b influencers