Successful B2B Influencers Follow These 3 Rules.

December 15, 2023 0 Comments

Successful B2B Influencers Follow These 3 Rules.

Why is it that some influencers are able develop large audiences across multiple platforms within niche b2b areas?

The common thread is that they follow the 3 c’s.


Delivering a clear point of view on the area they speak on, delivering content that is focused and of value on a consistent basis. Followers get used to receiving content at certain times of a working week much like viewers or listeners look forward to their latest episode or show on the tv or radio. Podcasting is a great example of this in the influencer space, with subscriber growth of this area climbing greatly in the last few years with podcasts aligned to business influencers.


Engaging the audience online is a key element of showing authenticity and providing value. Social media is the ultimate two-way street for online conversation, and immediately shows followers that they are being heard and they are being responded to. As B2B community numbers can be more manageable than B2C there is a real opportunity to build up trust and respect by engaging on a consistent basis and being available for discussion or guidance.


Fostering a sense of community by delivering on 1 and 2 is the key for growth, as this will allow for the community to widen via word of mouth, content sharing and online recommendation. Hosting online events that bring the audience together at the same time to share ideas and answer issues of the day can help to foster the sense of community and introduce the group to each other for mutual benefit.


A great example of this is Amber Shand, an influencer we are currently working with in the tech space.
Amber is consistently growing her audience and her client portfolio due to the quality and consistency of her online and offline content and by embodying the 3 C’s mindset for growth.